Membership Types
• $75.00 Regular Membership (includes WCT Magazine)
• $50.00 Regular Membership (without WCT Magazine)
• $30.00 Employee Membership (does not include voting privileges)
• $15.00 Supporting Membership: open to state agencies and out of state NWCO's.
      (does not include WCT or voting privileges)
• $200.00 Vendor Membership (does not include WCT or voting privileges)

Printable Membership Form:
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CT NWCO Assoc. Inc.
PO Box 330563
West Hartford, CT 06133
For new memberships the CT NWCO Assoc. bylaws require the new member be voted in by a majority of the membership.  Please be aware that new members are voted on at the meetings and may take up to two months to be brought to vote. If for some reason your membership is not accepted, your payment will be refunded in full.