The Connecticut Nuisance wildlife control operators association is for all Nuisance wildlife operators and others interested in urban wildlife management. It is essential that there be an organization representing this profession. Regulatory agencies and the environmental movement will have an ever increasing influence on the way wildlife control operators do Business.

The CTNWCO association can provide the means for nuisance wildlife control operators to become personally involved in how their profession develops in response to public and governmental expectations.

The Purpose of the Association:

A Non-profit organization to promote general standards and ethics within the Nuisance wildlife control Industry.

To foster education, research, and the diffusion of Knowledge throughout the Nuisance wildlife control industry, and among the membership.

To Cooperate with the Governmental and educational authorities for the good of the community and industry.

To promote public awareness of facts on NWCO regulations in a positive manner.

What are some of the plans the Connecticut Nuisance wildlife control operators association has?

The association intends to continue to promote interaction with government agencies.

Continue to establish a positive image for the Industry.

Continue to conduct training courses and annual seminars

Work Closely with Connecticut's Department of Environmental Protections wildlife division to develop laws and regulations pertaining to Connecticut's nuisance wildlife control Industry.

Why Should I become a member?

The most effective way to have a voice in the development of your field is to have a recognized organization representing your interest. We would like to help you, and we can only do this if we receive input from you. You are what makes it all work.

What are some of the benefits of membership in the CTNWCOA?

• One year subscription to Wildlife control Technology magazine.
• Association with other wildlife control professionals.
• Representation at the state level.
• Affiliation with, and representation in the National wildlife control operators Association.
• Educational information relating to the wildlife control/ damage management field.
• Discounted rates on workshops and seminars sponsored by the CT. Nuisance wildlife control Association.
• Professional recognition.
• Free access to wildlife control literature and video tapes in the associations library.
• Voting privileges and the opportunity to serve on Committees and the board.

Code of Ethics

I affirm my strict adherence to all laws and regulations pertaining to wildlife damage management.

2. I ascribe to a professional code of conduct that embodies the traits of honesty, sincerity and dedication.

3. I will show exceptionally high levels of concern and respect for people, property and wildlife.

4. I will promote the understanding and appreciation of the numerous values of wildlife and scientific wildlife management, as well as an appreciation for the economic and health concerns of humans adversely affected by wildlife.

5. I will be sensitive to the various viewpoints on wildlife damage management.

6. I will provide expertise on managing wildlife damage to my clientele upon request, within the limits of my experience, ability and legal authority.

7. I will promote competence and present an image worthy of the profession by supporting high standards of education, employment and performance.

8. I will strive to broaden my knowledge, skills and abilities to advance the practice of commercial wildlife damage management.

9. I will, in good faith, select new or time proven methods for resolving wildlife damage conflicts and give due consideration to humaneness, selectivity, effectiveness and practicality.

10. I will treat my competition and clientele in a courteous manner and in accordance with honorable business practices.

11. I will encourage, through word and through deed, all Commercial Wildlife Control Operators to adhere to this code and to participate in state associations of Commercial Wildlife Control Operators.